About Us

Soccer is the most popular sport played and watched in the world, yet it is one rarely talked about in the United States. Why is this? 

Hi, my name is Adrian Turner and I am a self-proclaimed soccer head.

Since I was young, I have always been fascinated by soccer, and any of the games I could find on the TV channels. There weren’t many games broadcast, so thankfully I could find more on the internet as I grew up. 

I turned all of my friends onto soccer and we’d play into the evenings after school. 

I begged my parents to get me as many of the soccer collecting cards they could find (I still have them somewhere) and I’d use them to learn everything I could about my favorite players.

Adrian Turner

Now that the internet is much more popular among young people, I wanted to create this website in order to help them get into soccer and learn about their favorite teams and players, too. 

I know I’d have loved a site like this when I was growing up! You can also follow along with me on Pinterest and Facebook for updates and more.

Please enjoy my content and find out more about the great sport that is soccer. We need to get it more popular in the US as soon as possible!