Airpower Soccer Disc Review

When it comes to the world of soccer toys, you’ve got tons of variety. From expandable soccer Frisbees to soccer video games, there are tons of different ways for kids to play and enjoy this particular sport.

However, chances are that many kids are more interested in playing the real thing than messing around with things that are like soccer, but still not the classic sport. Which can be a problem when they’re dead-set on enjoying this pastime indoors!

Airpower Soccer Disc Review

Fortunately, there are also a few toys here that have got your back, and perhaps one of the most popular types that you can find out there is this Flyball Air-Powered Soccer toy.

To find out what exactly makes this little toy stand out from so many other soccer-related items like it, keep reading this review, and find out if this could be the perfect indoor soccer toy for your sporty little one!

What Is It?

Before we start talking about what exactly makes this toy so great, we should probably first show you what exactly it does!

This Airpower soccer toy is an active sport toy that is designed to be played with on flat surfaces that you will find around your house and home, and combines two toys that almost every kid loves: soccer balls and hovercrafts!

This toy is built on the same principles that hovercrafts are built on, with a fan located on the bottom of the device filling a cushion with air that allows the toy to lift and glide across the floor. It’s the same principle that air hockey also works on.

Only here, instead of the floor keeping the toy floating, the toy floats by itself. Provided that you have the right batteries, of course!

On that note, this toy is powered by 4 AA batteries that allow the device to work perfectly away from any wall plug, freeing up your children to play with it anywhere!

What Makes It Great (The Pros)

So, now that the toy has been covered, we can start to talk about what exactly makes this such a good toy for your little one to have!

Avoiding Accidents

One of the problems that can be often tricky for parents of soccer kids to navigate is how to allow them to enjoy their favorite pastime without wrecking the house.

If your yard isn’t exactly big enough to play soccer in, many parents will likely already be familiar with the random crashing and breaking noises that results from kids playing soccer indoors.

Heck, even if your yard is big enough, you’ve probably heard this noise too!

This is why this toy is probably one of the best toys that you can get for your kids for playing soccer indoors. The fact that this toy is made for playing at foot height, and only at foot height, means that the amount of items that can be hit by this hover toy is very little. 

After all, hover devices are made to just skirt over the floor, not fly in the air!

Tough Enough For Kids Play

If kids are playing with a toy, then rough and tumble is sure to be an aspect that you’ll be concerned about. After all, if a toy can stand up to a few knocks or scuffs, how long can you expect it to last?

This is another area are where this toy shines brightly, as the tough plastic casing for this fan can stand up to a surprising amount of punishment too.

The plastic shell avoids scratches and scuffs quite nicely, and the outer layer of foam padding around the toy means that it doesn’t just avoid damaging furniture or kid’s feet, but itself in the process.

Because let’s be real, it is a soccer toy. Of course, it’s going to get kicked at full force by your kids a few times. Toughness isn’t just a nice feature for toys like this, but an absolute necessity!

Airpower Soccer Disc Review

Freedom Of Motion

As we mentioned before, the fan that this hovercraft toy uses is powerful enough to let it glide across flat surfaces with ease, meaning that you get plenty of use for this indoors, a place where many soccer toys often fall short when it comes to usability.

The hovercraft aspect means that it’s unlikely to fly above head level, but still, gets plenty of movement out of it.

Whether it’s the confines of your living room or the open floor space of a gym, this toy is perfect for indoor use.

LED Lights

We also love how the LED lights add a little extra visual flair to this product, while not being 

These lights also mean that your kids could in theory play this in rooms with dim or no light too (though we wouldn’t exactly recommend this, in case they bump into something)!

Things To Consider (The Cons)

Of course, no toy is perfect, no matter how well-engineered or designed, so this hovers soccer toy does come with a few drawbacks that you should probably consider before committing to buying it for a child.

Batteries Not Included

Firstly, this toy does not come with AA batteries as standard and are sold separately, meaning that unless you grab some while purchasing this product, your kids aren’t going to be able to play with it the moment you get it.

Accidents Still Happen

And, of course, despite this toy’s best efforts, there is a chance for accidents. A strong enough kick can send this plastic flying high enough to do some real damage, especially with that hard plastic casing protecting it!

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth It?

So, with all the information that we have covered, what is our final verdict on this little hovercraft soccer toy?

Well, while there are some potential drawbacks that you should be aware of, we think that, with its portability, and hovering capabilities, this is the perfect toy for children between the ages of 6 and 10 for getting their soccer kicks in, without going outside!

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