Best Argentinian Soccer Players 

It is no secret that Argentina has birthed some of the most fantastic soccer players in the entire world. 

Even those who aren’t fans of soccer have heard the names Messi, and Maradona, two of the best soccer players in the world’s history! Aside from these two talented players, there are an array of other incredible players from Argentina, and this article is going to list them for you! 

Best Argentinian Soccer Players 

Diego Armando Maradona

Also known as ‘El Pelusa’, Maradona was worshiped in the world of soccer during his time. 

He had fantastic dribbling skills and an excellent pace, and he is the player who scored against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. 

This goal was so beautiful that it was referred to as ‘the goal of the century’, and it was him, and this incredible goal that led his proud country to the 1986 World Cup triumph. 

In his entire career, Maradona scored 259 goals in 491 matches in all of his club competitions. 

Lionel Messi 

Messi is considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time (see also ‘Best Netherlands Soccer Players‘). We, unfortunately, don’t have time to list his many incredible talents, but some of them include his excellent left-footed dribbling, lethal shooting, physical strength, agile and fast movements, etc. 

He is someone who has shown incredible talent from the start of his career and the fact that he is able to play both roles of a midfielder and goalscorer impeccably is something that many admire. 

Achieving 81 goals in 160 matches, this player is regarded as Argentina’s highest goalscorer of all time! 

Gabriel Omar Batistuta 

This player is known as one of the best strikers to ever exist! His skills include, aside from powerful striking, include volley goals, and shooting from a distance. 

He was also very physically strong and was able to score 54 goals in 77 matches for Argentina. The talented soccer player spent a lot of his career playing for Italy and was able to help them achieve some impressive titles. 

Danielle Passarella 

Passarella is the only Argentine soccer player that has featured in both World Cup-winning games. His fantastic defending skills were extremely difficult for opponent strikers to break, so he became a true asset to the team. 

He had an incredible set of skills, his most impressive being his ability to be able to sweep from the back and score amazing goals. He scored 22 goals for Argentina in 70 games, and he secured 2 World Cups with them. 

Mario Alberto Kempes 

Kempes began his fantastic career at the age of 8. He was an incredible striker who scored some defining goals for the Argentinian team. 

He was known as ‘el matador Kempes’ and led his team to victory by scoring his career-defining goals which lead Argentina to their first world cup in 1978. 

This was a game against the Netherlands and is one of the great moments in the team’s history. 

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Alfred Stefano

Stefano was a truly gifted player who had tremendous skill, speed, and power. He was a jack of all trades who could play tremendously in any position and held a high status in the Real Madrid team. 

Known as ‘The blond arrow’ he scored a whopping 800 goals in his entire career and was voted as the fourth-best player by France Football in 2003. 

Juan Roman Riquelme 

This midfielder was very gifted in his position and had impeccable off-the-ball movements and goal-scoring skills which made him an amazing soccer player (see also: Best Colombian Soccer Players). 

He scored 15 goals in 51 matches for Argentina, and he also achieved an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008. 

In Argentina, he was a true asset to the Boca Juniors and scored 53 goals in 221 of their matches, helping them achieve several League titles. He was also named Argentine Footballer of the year 4 times by FIFA. 

Sergio Aguero 

Holding the record for most hat-tricks in the Premier League, Sergio Aguero is a very talented soccer player. 

He has earned himself a place as Manchester City’s highest goalscorer and is the 4th highest goalscorer in Premier League history. He is also known as the highest non-English goalscorer in the history of soccer! 

Ubaldo Fillol

Known as ‘el pato’, Fillol is considered by many fans of the sport as Argentina’s best goalkeeper ever. 

When Argentina won the Championships in 1978, he played an integral role in their winning, and it is here where he won the goalkeeper of the tournament. 

Harnan Crespo 

Now the current manager of Qatari Club Al-Duhail, Crespo was one of the best Argentinian soccer players (see also: Best Mexican Soccer Players)when he used to play the sport. 

He was a wonderful striker, scoring 35 goals at the international level, and earned his place as Argentina’s fourth-highest scorer, just behind some of the biggest names in the team, such as Aguero, Batistuta, and Messi. 

He had great technique and was a fast and powerful striker. 

Gonzalo Higuain

Nicknamed ‘El Pipita’, or ‘Pipa’, this right-footed striker was a wonderful goalscorer. He was known for his impressive eye for a goal, strong physique, and very offensive movements. 

After starting his career in River Plate, the Argentine club, he transferred over to Real Madrid for 12 million euros! 

In this team, he was able to score 107 goals in 190 league games and then moved over to Napoli where he managed to score 36 league goals! 

Final Thoughts 

In summary Argentina is home to many of the world’s best soccer players of all time. Names like Maradona and Messi are known all over the globe, even to those who do not follow football. 

Unfortunately, some of the players on this list are no longer with us, but they definitely left a legacy behind them. 

Others on this list have moved on to become managers and coaches, acting as incredible mentors to the future generation of players. We hope this list has given you a good insight into some of the best Argentinian soccer players(see also: Best Brazilian Soccer Players).

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