How To Shoot A Soccer Ball

How to shoot a soccer ball: Soccer is a very popular sport that is played by millions of people around the world on a daily basis.

The game of soccer is known as football in most of the countries that play it. It might look easy to just kick a ball, but there are many techniques that are required to shoot successfully.

How To Shoot A SoccerBall

This guide will be covering the different techniques involved in actually kicking the ball in terms of what part of the foot and different types of strikes you can learn.

If you’re looking to get into soccer, you will want to learn these skills for practice sessions to help you improve.

How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Power

Here are some of the most simple but effective tips you can have to perfect your technique of adding power into your shots in soccer.

Some people might struggle with this aspect, but it is quite easy to create that power.

You want to be using the laces section on your football boots with your toes down and locked in to create more power.

You also need to land on the kicking for that extra power as well, coordination will be key in this.

A really good technique you can use to practice this is setting up a goal and putting your ball 10 yards away from it and just continuously kicking it into the goal (read more about scoring a goal).

When you do this over and over, you will eventually perfect that particular shot. You should be generating your power through your thighs and not your calves.

Most people think the harder you kick it with your boots is where most of the power comes from, but the real power starts with your thighs.

Your shoulders need to be facing the target and where you will be aiming for.

What Are You Doing Wrong?

When it comes to power, it is all about the technique you are using. Therefore, you might be going wrong in certain areas of technique which is preventing you from generating as much power as you want.

You need to be getting your thigh back and you knee down because it is the best way to create power in movement.

Another thing you should not be doing is stuttering up to the ball. You need to make sure you have a nice, clean run up, making sure your last stride is wider, getting that thigh far back.

People also do not know how they should be leaning whether they lean back slightly or forwards. You should never be leaning back because it will drive the ball over the goal.

Therefore, you need to be making sure you are keeping your shoulders forward and don’t flick the ball with your boot. You want to keep your foot locked and hit with the laces.

Confidence is also a key point because you need to be confident in what you are doing. If you doubt your shot, then you will probably not have a successful one because you will overthink every aspect.

How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Height

How To Shoot A SoccerBall

When trying to get height in your shots with power, you want to start off hitting the laces, then you want to lift your toes from the downwards position as you strike it.

This will lift the ball up higher instead of soaring across straight. The more you lift your toes when striking, the higher the ball will travel.

It is important that you are confident in where you want the ball to go and to picture where you are aiming for. If you do this, then you will be more focused on where you want the ball to go.

You should start practicing on the spot with a slow motion strike. This will allow you to practice your foot movement and get used to how much you need to lift your toes for the height you want.

You will need to keep adjusting this and figuring out the amount for each shot. This can take time, but you will eventually have a feel for the type of height shot you want.

For a height shot, it is not about your fitness as much, it is all about your technique and how you hit the ball. Therefore, you need to take your time and just focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you look at the ball when shooting?

Don’t look at the defenders or goal while kicking because this will take your focus away from your shot and your accuracy. Look at the ball the entire time and make sure you stay focused.

You will improve your accuracy and power when you are only looking and thinking about what you are about to do and when you start looking elsewhere, you will only distract yourself.

Therefore, your focus and your ability to keep your eyes on the target is one of the main factors in your shot success.


Overall, football is something that takes time to be good at because there are so many techniques you need to learn.

Everyone learns differently and it is all about you using trial and error, just going out with your ball and the goal, doing your skills over and over.

Hopefully this guide will help you learn how to kick the ball properly in terms of improving your power and height.

You will need both of these shots during a football game whether it is for a free kick or just crossing the ball in.

It is important that you put the work in and try and get on the field as much as possible practicing the different techniques of different powered shots and different heights.

You will become more experienced overtime and it will become muscle memory.

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