How To Throw A Football Far

If you want to be a quarterback, or are one already, it’s important to know how to throw footballs far and precisely. This involves going over your main throwing technique and perfecting it the best you can. 

How To Throw A Football Far

After you understand how to throw the ball, you can try certain techniques that can help you throw a football quicker and further. No matter what your innate talent level is, working with a partner and working out the correct muscles can help increase your power and skillset. 

We’ll cover some things that can help you throw (see also: Can You Be Offside From A Throw In? )a football far in this post. 

Using Correct Technique

Grip The Ball With Your Hands On The Threads 

Hold it with your dominant hand and position your fingers amidst the threads. Make sure that you are comfortable holding the ball. 

It’s best to position your fingers on the ball’s rear side, around the fifth and second laces. Your non-dominant hand should rest on the other side before you’re prepared to throw the ball. 

Most of the ball’s weight should be on the front of the throw, leaving some space between the ball and your hands. 

Gripping the ball on the laces or threads can help you hurl a nice spiral. 

Position Your Feet Shoulder-Width Apart And Bend Your Knees A Little

Make sure that your feet are firm on the floor, with your back straight and your toes pointed straight ahead. Grip the football in each hand and bend the knees a little. 

Most of your body weight should be spread across your back feet. This lets you spring off your feet, the force of which may improve throwing distance. Don’t hunch your back as you do this, as this may negatively affect your performance. 

Use Your Leading Hand To Push The Football Into The Throwing Position

This step in setting up the throw is known as the reach. 

Place the ball in your lead hand then use your dominant one to carry it backward. Bend your primary elbow and position the ball higher than your shoulder, making an ‘L’ with your arm at a 90° angle. 

Do not take the ball to the side or downwards as you prepare for the throw. 

Move Your Leading Foot Forwards And Move Your Leading Arm Downwards

The leading foot and leading hand should be on the same side. Carry out an open stride with this foot, pointing the toe towards the place you want to throw the football. 

Use your back foot to push off the ground, so that more force, power, and momentum reaches your throw. Pull your leading arm downwards and sideways simultaneously, as this will increase your range of motion.

Ensure that your lead arm remains close to your frame and that your chest and leading foot are pointed in the direction of your target.

Rotate Your Waist As You Throw

Stretch your arm to full extension and throw the football, simultaneously twisting your waist towards the throw. 

As you push off the back leg, it needs to twist a little into the ball toss. Make sure that your arm and shoulder are straight, as this ensures the throw is precise. 

Have your leading elbow travel directly downwards instead of sideways. 

Perform A Wrist Snap While You Toss The Ball

A wrist snap is the last action the hand performs as you throw a football. 

While you toss the ball, snap your wrist, ensuring that the thumb is in front of you, pointing downwards as the ball leaves your grasp. This action will spin the ball in a spiral and ensure it travels a greater distance. 

Your index finger should be the last finger to touch the ball, which will also help you toss a spiral.

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Optimizing Throwing Distance

Lean Back And Into Your Pass

Tilt a little at the waist in the direction of the throwing arm, as this improves your throwing range of motion. This action will help the football travel further while you toss it.

The majority of the power from your toss comes from the hips and legs. Improving your range of motion will help you throw the ball further.

Raise The Throwing Trajectory

Raise your shoulders a little and aim to throw the ball in an upwards track to improve the distance. This is required for acts that need passes exceeding 120 ft, like Hail Mary passes.

Don’t forget to have your body fully twist and extend as the ball leaves your grip. Remember not to tilt or lean ahead, as this will reduce your throwing distance.

Aim For A Good Spiral To Improve Distance

Tossing a spiral lowers the drag placed on the football, helping it travel further than tumbling footballs. The football’s rotation will also maintain its tip up in the air, enhancing the trajectory for peak distance. 

If the ball doesn’t spin when it leaves your grip, it’s likely to tumble instead. 

Increase Your Throwing Power With A Crow Step

Take a step with your back foot behind your front, crossing your legs over each other. Next, take a step forward with your leading foot, then throw the ball. This additional range of motion means that you step further into the toss, helping it travel further. 

Always ensure that you have two to three steps of clearance in front of you if you are performing a crow step. 

Practice Pass Drills

Practice Snapping Your Wrist To Obtain A Great Spiral

Try throwing without the ball to improve your wrist’s motion when tossing a spiral. Toss the football as usual, but focus on your wrist’s downward snap movement. 

Check that your thumb faces downwards and that the index points towards your leading thigh while you throw the ball. 

Work Out Your Core With A Medicine Ball

Grip a medicine ball at waist height, then twist your hips on either side. Perform this motion for two to three sets of 10-15 repetitions. 

This exercise makes your core stronger, which will improve how far you throw the ball. Other abdominal exercises like leg lifts, crunches, and push-ups will strengthen your core too.

Practice Your Arm Technique From A Stationary Place

Stand 30 ft away from a practice partner, but don’t move or step your feet while you throw the football. 

This will ensure you work solely on your arm technique, as well as increasing core strength. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to throw a football further, you’re going to have to work on your throwing technique, improve your throwing distance, and practice passing drills. 

The advice here should help you with your goals as long as you are consistent. Keep practicing the various drills and techniques above, and in time, your passing should see a marked improvement! 

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