What Are Grip Socks?

There are lots of different sports accessories out there that can give you an extra boost to your game.

Not many of these options have much use outside their specialized sport, but one scenario in which that is not the case is with grip socks.

What Are Grip Socks

But what are grip socks, really? With a particular interest to those playing soccer, grip socks are an excellent accessory which provide stability during a match.

How Do They Work?

Grip socks work to increase the amount of traction between your foot and the shoe. By increasing your grip, you prevent any slipping inside your shoe.

The amount of grip that the grip socks increase is fractional, but these small quantities quickly add up.

You will find that, when it comes down to a crucial moment, you will be more prepared by wearing grip socks than you would otherwise be.

The main features that give them their qualities are:

  • Non-slip rubber grip pads
  • Thick, durable soles
  • Anti-blister technology

The non-slip rubber pads are the part that give the grip socks their name. By stabilizing your feet, you will be able to perform to new heights.

The thick soles are a massive benefit as well. Not only does this provide comfort, but it also serves to prolong the life of your socks. No holey socks by the end of every training session!

Finally, many grip socks come inbuilt with anti-blister technology. This increases your foot’s resistance against blisters, letting you get back into the game and avoiding uncomfortable injuries.

Why Wear Grip Socks?

Even though you know how they work now, it is still important to consider why you should wear them.

By increasing your grip, you can more effectively utilize the strength of your toes. This is one of the key components to running, as all the force you use is put onto this area.

Reducing the chances for blisters and increasing the grip of your feet will allow you to sprint faster, for longer, without injury. Grip socks allow you to do just that.

The reduction in blistering is also an excellent added benefit of grip socks. No one likes a large, painful blister that gets in the way of your game.

How To Wear Grip Socks?

Wearing grip socks is quite simple, but there can be problems associated with uniform and regulations when it comes to an actual soccer match.

Many teams have their own regulation uniforms, which almost always include everything from your shirt to your socks. This presents a barrier when it comes to trying to utilize grip socks.

Luckily, there are a few different solutions for you to choose from.

Cutting the sole of your team’s socks is the first, easiest, solution to the problem.

This allows you to wear your grip socks, and then wear the team socks over the top. Anything above the shoe would therefore look like you were conforming to regulations.

If you don’t like the sound of wearing two pairs of socks, don’t worry. You can try finding grip socks that match your team’s color. Hopefully, this should pass as following the uniform.

If all else fails, you could consider asking to make grip socks part of the official regulations. After all, they do come with plenty of benefits.

Where Can You Find Them?

You will be able to find grip socks in many places. Online stores are the most easily accessible, and often have the greatest range of options.

Sites such as Amazon, Nike, Walmart, and even eBay, offer a variety of choices.

Your local sports retailer will also have plenty of grip socks in stock, as they are an essential piece of gear for any athlete.

If for some reason you can’t find anywhere that sells them, you can always make your own. The results won’t be as spectacular as a proper pair, but it will do the job if you have no other choice.

What To Look For In Grip Socks

When it comes to picking your grip socks, it is important to make sure you pick the right ones. If you end up with a shoddy pair, you could end up hindering your performance rather than helping it.

Firstly, make sure they’re a good fit. If they’re too tight, or the sole doesn’t match up with yours, you will find that they are far less effective.

When doing this, you should try bringing along the shoes you’re planning on wearing the grip socks in. This will give you a great feel as to how they will perform in a real situation.

Another thing to look out for is the material. Poor quality materials will feel itchy, uncomfortable, and tear more easily. Pick the best you can find, and you will have a great pair of grip socks that will last you for a long time.

Finally, the color of your socks can be important. If you’re choosing grip socks to replace the socks that your team uses, you will want to make sure that the color matches. This way, you will be able to wear them instead of the normal socks.

Otherwise, you’re all set to start picking the grip socks that work best for you!

When To Wear Grip Socks

Despite being intended for sports, grip socks have an extremely broad range of uses.

Their main use is in soccer, which is where grip socks really shine. They help keep your feet in the place where you put them, eliminating worries of your foot sliding around – even slightly – inside your shoe.

However, they are also good for other sports as well. Football, hockey, and basketball are all great choices for sports that are enhanced by wearing grip socks while playing them.

Final Thoughts

Even on the go, you can find plenty of use for grip socks. They will make walking more comfortable, and result in fewer blisters and twisted ankles from running or jogging. Plus, they’re great for soccer.

Since they have so many uses, even people who aren’t star athletes should consider the benefits and pick up a pair.

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